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Video Editing – per minute



We provide professional video editing. We can take care of your films, short clips, music videos, promotions, commercials, youtube, intros, marketing videos and a lot of other types of footage.

Advanced visual and sound effects, amazing fancy transitions, gorgeous titles/Subtitles, shake removal, trimming,  adding music, audio sync, Color correction/gradingCrop and much more!

The Process:

  • Message Us – we will discuss your project and work out the best way forward
  • Provide Footage – When you are happy to proceed we will arrange the best way for you to provide your footage to us
  • Video Creation – we’ll edit your footage into a video you will love, adding any extra requirements.
  • Review – We review your video and make any necessary revisions
  • Delivery – We’ll deliver your video to you in the format of your choice

Get the highest possible quality at no extra cost!

Please take a minute to give us a quick description of what you want.
To get a price, please contact us. We are online 24/7.

Category: Animation
Tags: adding music, audio sync, color correction, correction, crop, edit, effects, grading, music, shake removal, sound, subtitles, sync, titles, transitions, trimming, video, visual


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